Chris with her husband and parents

Growing Up --- A Military Family

As the daughter of Jerome Rahlf, who served in the U.S. Air Force, and Ann Rahlf, his British bride, Christine Rahlf spent most of her childhood on military bases in Germany and England. She learned about America through the stories her father told about growing up in St. Lawrence, Wisconsin, a small town in Washington County. His stories taught Chris about life in rural Wisconsin, the importance of hard work, and the way people support each other in a community.



Chris as a child


Chris Navy Graduation

Starting Out --- College and The Navy

After graduating from Bitburg American High School, Chris moved to Wisconsin and earned an ROTC scholarship to Marquette University. She graduated with honors and received a commission in the United States Navy.

Chris served six years in the Navy as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer, serving on military bases in the United States and overseas. She then went to work for Honeywell in California, helping hospitals and school districts save money by implementing energy-saving technologies. She developed a passion for sustainable technologies that can help improve lives, protect the environment, and grow the economy. During this time, Chris met her future husband, Rich Hedman, and his two sons, Andrew and James. She also earned an MBA from San Diego State University.  Chris also became involved in Habitat for Humanity, building houses in San Diego and Hungary.


Coming Home --- Wisconsin

When her husband retired from the Navy, the family moved back to Wisconsin and Chris took a position with an electrical contracting company, Faith Technologies. As their first female project manager, she quickly made her mark by successfully leading large construction projects. As Director of Operations at Faith, she learned how to lead a large organization through difficult changes, and how to bring people together through practical problem solving and consensus building. While at Faith, she was a member of the Rotary Club and served on the fundraising committee for the Sharon Richardson Community Hospice in Sheboygan.

Chris currently works as a construction management consultant. She helps companies reach their full potential through effective strategic planning and change management.

Rich and Chris live in Cedarburg with their two rescue dogs, Chief and Carson, and cat, Mugs. Their son James works for the Department of Veterans Affairs and serves in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Their son Andrew is an active duty Airman stationed with his family at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.


Chris with her dogs